Met a Girl!

Alright I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m still here in Canada exploring this great country. The reason I haven’t posted?

I met a girl!

That’s right I met a girl here in Vancouver. Her name is Lauren and she’s studying to become a Phlebotomist. So what does a Phlebotomist do exactly? I had to look it up. They are those people in the hospital (and blood clinics) that take your blood. They are a step down from nurses.
I don’t know how she does it. I pass out at the sight of blood. It is just soooo gross.

So what’s next for me?

Well I can tell that this girl is amazing. I met her at a party with some friends and ever since then it’s been all Laura, all the time.

I initially intended on creating some memorable experiences and then returning back home to London to start my career as a lawyer. But now….well…..maybe Canada is in my future plans as well!

It’s amazing how life is like that.

Right now Lauren works at Starbucks. There’s over fifty Starbucks in the downtown core alone so I don’t think I gave away too much info about her. She has a beautiful smile. And piercing blue eyes…look at me getting all soft.

We’re going to a piss-up tonight. Well, I call it a piss-up: everyone else in Canada thinks that’s when there’s a bathroom accident. But I digress.

We’ll discuss our future plans. I may end up staying here, or she may end up coming back to England with me. What a memento she would be!

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