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Car Rental Coupons = Tofino Road Trip!

I love road trips! I took one to Dublin once (okay, a train/ferry trip) with some mates and I loved it. It was a great time with friends. Our train went right through Wales (which is the best way to see it…) and spent a fabulous few days pub crawling in London.

My Canadian friends suggested that we take a trip to Tofino. It sounded cool. It sounded Italian.

I did have some Hotwire car rental discount codes from the travel package I booked to come here. So I thought: why not?

Apparently it’s the only place in Canada with surfers.


So we went to Tofino. It was a 2 hour ferry trip to a place called Nanaimo, and then a three hour car trip. This is longer than my trip to Dublin. But it was quite beautiful: the mountains and lakes were breathtaking. I think my favourite part of Canadian forestry is that you keep expecting a bear to pop out at any moment! Rawr!

So we got to Tofino, checked into the Wickaninnish Inn, which is a famous cabin-resort around here. It’s June, in Canada, and I’m at the ocean. What do I see?


car rental coupon codes

Take a good look. This is what disappointment looks like. Apparently Tofino is a special micro-climate that tends to be cold and cloudy all year long.

Yipee!!! (that was sarcasm).

We went out, in our jumpers and long pants, to the Beach. Now, when we drove here, it was a hot, cloudless day. Then we went over this mountain and suddenly: poof! There goes the heat. I felt like it was mid-winter London!

I’m sure that–at some point in the year–this is a great place to visit. But right now, it was just some kind of terrible.

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