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spiderman in vancouver
My name is Richard (no, the picture isn’t me). I’m just a bloke from London who, aside from a ferry trip to Dublin, has never been outside of England before. I am writing about my adventures as I spend a year in Vancouver.

What I know of Vancouver BEFORE I came here:

I knew that it rained a lot, they like to riot about hockey related things, and they have amazing weed. I’m not a pot-smoker, nor do I know much hockey. But I am blogging about my adventures here as I observe this city from an outsider perspective. I am eager to try skiing, climbing a mountain, and everything that is unmistakably Canadian.

My vacation was partially made possible by my workplace back in London, which has offered to pay for most of my trip. I’m forever grateful to them.

I’m also grateful to my Canadian friend Matt for coming up with the idea and helping me set up this website. Thanks to him I’m able to bring the sweet, sweet ramblings of a slightly overweight, camera-shy Londoner.

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