3 Common Chronic Injuries

A chronic injury is an injury you are left with for the remainder of your life. Many athletes who played sports in high school or college end up with these kinds of problems due to a previous injury not healing correctly. Although this can feel scary, it does not mean there aren’t treatments. A sports chiropractor Mississauga ON could be a great solution to managing this kind of pain. Many people can live a normal and healthy life even with these kinds of conditions as long as they are taking care of themselves.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is extremely common for all types of people, not just athletes. It is a common misconception that tennis elbow is caused by playing tennis. That is not always the case. People can get this condition from overusing the arm in the same motion which puts strain on the tendons. Once this has occurred it is something a person will always have. The pain can be different depending on the person and the severity of it. Pain can radiate down the arm and into the wrist, as well as up into the shoulder.

Sprained Ankle

Spraining your ankle can be an extremely common injury. This can occur while walking, running, or doing any kind of physical activity. All it takes is rolling your foot the right way for the ligaments to strain and cause a lot of pain. Many people who sprain an ankle multiple times find that they always reinjure it. Over time, this becomes a problem that they have no matter what they do. Once you have hurt your ankle enough, it will always be more prone to the injury and the ligaments will not heal correctly.

Shin Splints

Often times shin splints are an injury that occurs specifically in athletes. That is because athletes are usually overworking their shins through training and competing. A common way to hurt your shins is through running. This exercise puts a lot of work on your lower legs and can cause them to feel extremely painful. Runners also have a heavy impact because they are usually running on a hard surface like tar or a treadmill. 

Having a chronic injury is not something you want. The best way to prevent these injuries is to be aware of your body. Notice when you feel things are sore add ice or heat to that area. Take breaks when you need them. If you are at a point where it is too late for that, there are other options to manage the pain and live a normal life.

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