3 Types of Temporary Lodging

If you are going on a vacation, family visit or business trip for an extended period of time, it might be more cost-effective to rent some form of temporary lodging rather than the standard hotel or motel charging daily rates. Here are three types of temporary lodging. 

1. Extended Stay Hotels

As the name suggests, extended stay hotels provide accommodations for guests staying for a longer period of time than most vacations or business trips. Unlike most rooms in a hotel, extended stay hotels usually provide a small kitchen as well as self-serve laundry in the building. Extended stay hotels also offer discounted rates due to customers reserving the rooms for longer periods of time, another reason that makes this a great option for short term lodging

Just like typical hotels and motels, extended stay properties range from lower-end with basic amenities to higher-end with amenities such as room service, on-site gyms and swimming pools and transportation to and from nearby airports and shopping centers. The property where you choose to stay is highly dependent on your personal needs and budget.   

2. Online Marketplace Rentals

Another option for temporary lodging is renting a space temporarily through an online rental website or app. People who own multiple properties or who are away from their homes will often rent out spaces to guests looking for a homier experience when traveling. Make sure to read all of the applicable rules and reviews pertaining to the property to ensure that you abide by all pet, noise, parking and other local ordinances or wishes of the owner. 

3. Corporate Housing

Corporate housing typically includes apartments and condos that are rented out to business travelers who need to stay between a month and a year. These rentals usually come fully furnished and are rented by the month, making them an appealing option for someone wanting a short-term “home away from home” experience. The main draw of corporate housing, however, is the convenience for people needing to stay somewhere longer than an extended stay hotel might provide comfortably, and shorter than a rental lease would require. Some travelers who use corporate housing include:

  • Traveling nurses and other healthcare workers
  • Auditors and people in the finance industry
  • Those working for the military and government agencies
  • Entertainment workers going from one venue to another on an extended basis

If you find yourself in need of short term lodging, consider one of these three options. 

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