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4 Part-Time Jobs that Pay Well

Sometimes your regular job is not enough to make ends meet. You may love it, but you could desire more money in the checking account to afford a few luxuries. If you want some additional cash with a job that works around your other schedule, try one of the following part-time careers.

Real Estate Agent

If you have a license, you can sell homes. You are not required, though, to sell them all of the time. You could work every once in a while, particularly with friends and colleagues. Work your house hunting into the weekends or down days, and then put the commission in the bank.


People require official signatures to confirm information or to authorize certain transactions or legal documents. Notaries take classes and locate where to get a notary stamp. When that is accomplished, these authorities may witness signatures at their leisure.

People may meet you at home or in designated locations, paying top dollar for the convenience of finishing off a quick form. 

Freelance Writer

Companies often seek people who like to write to fill in the content or websites and marketing material. Online sites allow you to post your interest as well as a portfolio to gather clients. Write these pieces in the evening or on weekends. Charge by the word or offer a price for a package deal for completing several projects at once.


Diet isn’t easy to maintain, and many Americans struggle to stay healthy and eat well. Doctors may ask patients to change eating patterns, especially when a medical concern arises. When sugar or blood pressure levels are off, diet changes could be the first line of defense in protecting the body from long-term harm.

A dietician offers advice on what to consume and how often in order. They are aware of foods that are best for medical conditions and could assess your lifestyle and any poor habits you have developed. Consultations fit easily into lunch or off-hours and could be done via the phone or the internet.

Exercise Instructor

If you like to stay fit and move, earn certification by taking courses in your favorite exercise classes. You were going to work out anyway. Get paid for the time!

Extra cash could be possible if you have some time. Consider selecting things that are flexible but offer high pay. These careers work well into a schedule and could suit your talents.

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