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Looking to enjoy your backyard, even more, this summer? Whether you add just a few finishing touches or desire a total backyard makeover, updates to your backyard will be enjoyed by your family for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to amp up your backyard bliss.

Clean-Up Brush and Trash

The first step to enjoying any space is ensuring that it is clean and free of clutter. If you’ve neglected a few areas of your yard, you’ll want to start your backyard makeover by trimming or clearing any brush. You’ll also want to remove any garbage (goodbye, old tiki torches and broken planters).

Add a Deck

If you have been lacking space for dining and entertaining in your backyard, consider adding a deck. Decking components can enhance your ability to entertain guests by adding outdoor square footage and seating. In addition, decks are aesthetically pleasing and can be customized based on the customer’s particular needs. 

Find Your Green Thumb

Adding a few hanging and standing planters full of colorful annual flowers can brighten the dingiest of spaces. A classic recipe for a beautiful planter is one thriller, one filler and one spiller. This means adding one plant that stands out (literally) from the rest of the planter, one plant that fills the pot (petunias are always a safe bet), and one plant that spills from the pot. 

Consider a Water Feature

Water features create a zen atmosphere and adding one to your backyard space can instantly have a calming impact for you and your guests. There are numerous affordable options for water features. These include Do It Yourself projects and concrete or resin-based fountains. 

Hire a Landscaper

For larger projects, such as adding or removing trees or shrubs, consider hiring a landscaper. Hiring professionals will free you up to ensure you have all of the right finishing touches to your yard and enable you to relax rather than performing grueling yard work. 

Purchase New Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve been sitting on the same patio set for a decade or more, it might be time to consider an upgrade. Outdoor furniture materials have come a long way and can withstand water and harsh sunlight exposure much better than in decades past. There are many options for furnishing your outdoor space, you will surely find something that works for you.

Whatever your budget, you can make changes to create a backyard that provides you the calming effect you crave after a busy day.

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