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Careers in Wildlife and Fisheries

If you love being outdoors and wish you could make it a career, then you might have the right stuff to work for the wildlife and fisheries department in your state. This department encompasses a wide variety of areas such as lake management, habitat conservations, wildlife biology, and even forest restoration. There are careers for people with all levels of education and many departments will partner with other community organizations so you could have the opportunity to meet and educate community members too.

Career Options

One option for people interested in working outdoors is to join the fisheries side of wildlife and fisheries. You can do this with a biology degree, or join as a hatchery manager or technician. These professionals work on fish farms to ensure all the fish are healthy. Most biologists might also check the water quality and make sure make sure the fish are reproducing properly and at acceptable rates. 

Other options for working with fish could include working with a private firm that might monitor the fishing industry in coastal cities, or even working at an aquarium. There’s a large area of specializations one could take when working with aquatics, so the field is your oyster!

Another option is to stay on land as a wildlife biologist. These professionals often specialize in a type of animal or ecosystem and might even concentrate their research to a single forest. You could track the migration of certain bird species in a state park or focus your efforts to conserving a niche ecosystem for endangered animals. 

Some people in this field want to dedicate themselves to protecting animals, so they might become fish or game wardens. In this career, you’re responsible for monitoring hunters and ensuring they adhere to the state laws regarding how much fish or game they can bring home. These professionals often also protect against poaching or illegal hunting out of season.

You could even become a park ranger to scratch your wildlife and fisheries itch. Park rangers have the benefit of enjoying nature each day and completing a range of duties, so you never live the same day twice. You might be clearing a hiking path one day, greeting guests the next day, and checking on campsites another day. This position is great for people who love the outdoors but might not know exactly their area of interest.

Wildlife and fisheries is a good option for people who love to work outdoors or with animals.

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