The Various Types of Dog Bite Law

dog bite is a very common case that so many people have encountered. It may be shocking news, but at times, even adequately trained dogs or very social ones may run out of control and become aggressive. Some incidents may result in legal consequences for a dog owner, especially if your dog causes a serious attack. It is important to understand that several things can happen to your dog when it bites an innocent individual.

The dog bite law can impose very serious penalties, such as being permanently banned from owning a dog, incurring a heavy fine, or if it was a very serious offense, you might find yourself subjected to a sentence. The dog bite law comprises three major types that are commonly known: the one-bite law, the dog bite law, and the negligence law. The different laws vary, and in this case, the laws will take a different course of action against a dog owner when their dog attacks someone.

For instance, certain laws would require the police to take legal action against the dog’s owner. However, such a law may not provide grounds for compensation for the person who sustained injuries, although the dog owner may be charged with negligence, meaning that they were aware that the dog was capable of biting. The following are the different types of dog bite laws in detail.

  • The negligent law would render the dog owner guilty if they were irresponsible in preventing the dog from biting. The details of this law may vary depending on where you live. Some states enact a strict measure for every individual who owns a dog requiring them to take full responsibility for their animal. For instance, they may require the owners to leash the dogs whenever they are taking a walk with them, and a person must accompany the dog over the age of sixteen. Other countries make it compulsory for individuals to acquire insurance, especially if they own dangerous dogs like pit bulls. In addition, they may require them to register these kinds of dogs and offer sterilization. It is also not a surprise when you come across a country without dog laws. In such places, a court of law will be the one to determine whether a dog owner was negligent or not.
  • The other dog bite law is the one bite law or commonly referred to as the one-bite rule. The law has been in action for quite some time now. When it comes to ruling regarding this law, it would be rare for a court of law to take action when it is the first time a dog has bitten someone. In most cases, the law will allow the dog one bite, and as a result, little action may be taken. However, the increase in dog bites has forced some judiciary systems to do away with the one-bite law.
  • The last law is the dog bite law which is considered the strictest among all the laws. The law requires the dog owner to face legal consequences even in cases whereby the dog is provoked. They automatically become liable when their dog attacks someone. However, some jurisdictions may be less strict in cases whereby the person who incurred injuries was trespassing the property or might have attacked the dog in one way or another.

Due to the rising numbers of dog bite cases, the law has enacted strict laws for dog owners. If you have a dog, it is your responsibility to train it to be social to prevent it from hurting other people. Also, if you have some of the most dangerous breeds, be sure to obtain insurance in case the worst happens.

What is an E2 Visa?

Understanding the American visa process can be difficult, and will often require the help of a lawyer. The law around the E2 Visa process, in particular, can be difficult to understand, meaning you need to rely on the help of immigration lawyers. 

What is a Visa?

To travel to the United States you’re likely going to need a visa. There are different kinds of visas, though, including immigrant and non-immigrant visas. A non-immigrant visa is a temporary visa, designed to allow you to enter the country for a specific purpose. Entering for education is a common practice. Immigrant visas, meanwhile, are designed to allow you to enter on a permanent basis. However, the process of obtaining one is much more difficult. 

What is an E2 Visa?

An E2 Visa is a kind of work visa. Essentially, this means that you can enter the country for a job, specifically a job with a company that you have made some kind of investment in. There is no minimum investment that has to be made in the company, and you’re allowed to travel freely in the United States once you’ve obtained the visa. Furthermore, you can also bring your family into the country on an E2 Visa.

For anyone who needs more information on the E2 Visa law Los Angeles, please contact The Gig Law today. 

4 Rights Guaranteed To Persons Charged With Crimes

All persons in the United States are entitled to specific rights detailed in the U.S. Constitution. Those rights do not cease to exist when you are charged with a crime and some rights were specifically written to protect the interests of people facing criminal prosecution.

1. Prohibition of Excessive Bail or Fines and Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The Eighth Amendment guarantees all persons charged with a crime the right to reasonable bail based on their flight risk. This right does not guarantee that bail must be set at a dollar amount that you can afford, just that it must be reasonable. If you can not afford your bail amount, a bail bonds Berks County PA service may be able to assist you. This amendment also prohibits the courts from imposing excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments when a person is convicted of a crime.

2. Right to Due Process

The right to due process is one of the most fundamental concepts of U.S. criminal justice. This right guarantees that the government can not confine you, or take your life or property without the due process of law. It also forbids the court to try a person a second time after a not guilty verdict has been reached. Additionally, the Fifth Amendment gives you the right to refuse to be a witness against yourself.

3. Right to a Speedy and Public Trial

The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to a public trial, by an impartial jury from the State and district where the crime was allegedly committed. It also gives you the right to be told the nature and cause of the crime you are accused of and to confront any witnesses against you. This amendment also contains the right to be represented by an attorney and prevents opposing counsel from asking for extensions with the sole intent of keeping you in prison longer.  

4. Right to a Trial by Jury

The Seventh Amendment preserves your right to a trial by jury, rather than a plea bargain or sentence decided solely by a judge, in all common law matters involving a value above $20. It also prevents the court from overriding the decision of the jury on any fact. 

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that all persons, whether innocent or guilty, have rights when charged with a crime. A violation of these rights may result in civil penalties, mistrials, grounds for appeal and other remedies. 

Benefits of Retaining An Attorney for Your Business

Businesses should hunt for an attorney and retain them to handle their business legal needs. The process of hunting an attorney is daunting and hassling. That’s why having an attorney on retainer is beneficial as it prevents you from hassling or finding a lawyer whenever a legal issue arises. There is a common trend for businesses to look for lawyers when a legal need arises. Nonetheless, retaining a lawyer helps you generate the legal preparedness you need. Read on to acknowledge the benefits of retaining a lawyer for your business. 

Before learning of the benefits, you need to beware of the excuses given by businesses for not retaining an attorney. For example, businesses claim law firms have pricey retainer fees. Legal firms like Tully Rinckey Law firm are considered to accommodate your business needs and financial ability in their retainer fee. 

Read on to understand the benefits of retaining an attorney. 

Introduces Preventative Measures 

Businesses are prone to look for lawyers whenever they need legal guidance and representation. However, there is more to handling your legal concerns and preparedness is one. Therefore, your retainer attorney will prepare you for legal issues that might arise. Operating a business is all about risk-taking. But it’s inappropriate to take a risk with legal matters as they may cost you more than you need. Your retainer attorney will be in charge of verifying your contracts, dealings, and future prospects. Additionally, your attorney will provide answers to some of your inquiries without billing you. 

A Retainer Attorney, At Times, Don’t Charge Consultation Fees

The majority of businesses are afraid of retaining lawyers or law firms due to billing fears. Nonetheless, the retainer attorney will offer free consultation services, hence giving you an upper hand to maneuver certain situations. 

Google is informative and many people rely on the information to solve certain situations. Nevertheless, some information isn’t available online, hence the need to retain a lawyer. The lawyer will help provide answers to important questions that you might have. Additionally, you will receive bills for the services the lawyer provides. Hence, save you a lot of money. 

Gives Your Business A Legal and Professional Touch

Law firms like Tully Rinckey will add a legal perspective to your business dealings, which is beneficial. Thus, your business decisions will be within the legal parameters. When drafting paperwork and contracts, businesses tend to overlook certain aspects which a lawyer can help pinpoint. The retainer attorney lawyer protects your business from unnecessary discrepancies and legal conflicts. 

Litigations and legal cases are overwhelming. Thus, establish a strong relationship with your business attorney. Retaining an attorney helps secure your future while maintaining your legal confidence.

3 Effective Ways to Work With Your Attorney

As cases drag on and you don’t fully understand why or how the court is arriving at certain decisions, it can feel like your legal team isn’t doing all they can to help you. Therefore, it’s vital to stay in contact with your attorney during high-stressed legal moments. 

Your Attorney is On Your Side

Remembering and believing that your attorney and their legal team are on your side is one of the more critical aspects of your case. Talk to your legal team for reassurance and bring your concerns to them. 

Groups like Cordell & Cordell law professionals understand firsthand what dads face dealing with the family court and the stress that comes with unrelenting false accusations. Experienced law firms keep your family, your assets, and your livelihood at the forefront of their minds.

Trust and Abide by The Lawyer’s Recommendations

Focused law litigators such as Cordell & Cordell only specialize in family law. They don’t spend time in other areas of law or servicing different case types. Focusing on one area of law allows for the maximum amount of time, experience, and knowledge it takes to navigate family court processes, methodologies, and strategies successfully.

If your lawyer recommends that you do or don’t do something, it’s vital to help you through your case, no matter how scary or confusing it may be. Following the advice will only help you. Ignoring it could introduce factors into your case that may make it difficult for them to help you effectively later. 

Respond Quickly to Questions or Requests

Sometimes your attorney will get paperwork from the court or the other party that needs a response back quickly. Your attorney may not be able to do that without specific input from you. You must be able to respond as fast as possible. The quicker you can get back to them, the faster your lawyer can respond to the court or other party. Consistently doing this can help your case when other snags may arise. Not responding fast enough may cause your lawyer to miss specific deadlines or file less than comprehensive paperwork with the court, which could harm your case. 

How To Assist a Loved One After an Arrest

Sometimes people make mistakes, and those judgments could become major errors. Did someone give in to peer pressure and try drugs? Did something text while driving and cause an accident? Maybe someone drank too much at dinner out and then drove home? Personal decisions may seem fun at the start but, in the end, they have serious consequences such as arrest and possible jail time. Here are four ways you might assist your loved one.

1. Arrange Bail

A judge could offer bail, but this money may be difficult to raise while sitting in a jail cell. Instead, assistance is needed. Ask about the circumstances of the arrest. Write down vital information such as the case number, arresting officials and bail amount.

Research how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA, and locate a bondsman in the area. Speak with the agent to discuss how to raise funds and how the process works.  Locate the capital needed to secure the loan, and complete the paperwork. These actions initiate the release.

2. Find a Lawyer

A public defender is likely to be assigned as everyone is required to have a council. Your family member may want someone else who specializes in this type of case. Aid the search by asking around for recommendations or looking up people online. Call and ask for an initial meeting, discussing records and price. Arraignment and bail are just the beginning, so you want a professional who can walk you all through the process and handle any bumps that may arise.

3. Listen and Support

Jail probably wasn’t on this person’s mind. It was a product of a response. A poor decision led to a serious sequence, and your family or friend may need to talk through the hardship. Remain calm, and be there to listen to how this person feels. This time could be an emotional rollercoaster right now. Having someone to talk to is essential to getting the feelings out and avoiding bottled-up frustration.

Offer words of encouragement. If you feel your friend needs medical help, such as a psychologist, offer a number or suggest counseling.

If someone you care about is arrested, you have ways to help. This time is probably quite stressful for all of you. Remember to concentrate on getting the person out of jail. Then, find professional legal assistance as this professional offers hope for the future. Finally, be there as emotional support.

What Happens After An Arrest

In the United States, the justice system is designed around the presumption of the accused’s innocence. This means that a person who is arrested for a crime is assumed to be innocent of that crime unless or until his guilt is proven in a court of law. After an arrest, a defendant retains certain rights. The judicial process that takes place should insure these rights are honored. Read on for more information on what happens following an arrest, including the cash bail process and bail bonds near me Allentown PA.

Arrest and Booking

When a suspect is arrested, he or she is first brought to a police station or detention center. Police or administrative staff will book the suspect. Police will take a mugshot and get fingerprints, inventory and remove the suspect’s belongings and gather information. During this time, a suspect should be interviewed to determine the need for any medical or mental health services and provided with them as indicated. 

Detention center staff will assign the suspect to a dorm, cell or room, where they will remain in custody until the time of an initial arraignment or bail hearing. While in custody, defendants have the right to speak with an attorney. Police should also inform suspects of their Miranda rights. A suspect is not legally required to submit to any interrogation or interview.


Within a few days of arrest, the suspect will be brought before a judge for an arraignment. This is usually combined with a bail hearing. Suspects may have their own lawyer, or a court-appointed defense lawyer, with them at this time. During an arraignment, the judge formally reads the charges against the defendant and offers him or her the chance to enter a plea. This plea is usually guilty or not guilty. A defendant who pleads not guilty will have a trial date set. 

In addition to accepting the plea, the judge will also set the amount for cash bail. Bail amounts are typically higher for violent or serious offenses. Where a defendant is considered a flight risk, a judge may elect to deny bail altogether. After bail is set, the defendant can secure his release until trial by paying that amount to the court. When defendants are unable to raise the full bail amount, they may enlist the services of a bail agent, who can issue a surety bond to the court on his or her behalf.

Benefits of an Online TABC Certification

If you want to work at a site with a TABC license, you will probably need a TABC certification to ensure that you enforce good alcohol practices at your workplace. The good news is that online classes have become available and conveniently let you get your certification from home. These are a stress-free way for you to get the credentials you need to succeed in Texas’ alcohol industry. Here are a few of the main benefits of online certifications. 

Flexible Schedule

In-person courses come with a set schedule that students must adhere to. Failing to comply with the schedule results in failure or difficulty passing the course. Fortunately, many places with TABC licenses and permits accept online certifications that people can work around busy schedules. These courses can be started and stopped at any point, letting you save your work as you progress. This means you can study at any time that is best for you. 

Familiar Learning Environment

The advantage of learning from home is simple. You can learn wherever you prefer. In other words, if you are comfortable learning from your couch, you can do just that. You will not find this sense of comfort in a classroom. Since it is difficult to concentrate when you are uncomfortable, this is a bonus.

The information you learn in your course is critical, and you must retain it. Therefore, the ability to concentrate is a necessity. Getting certified from home ensures that you can get into your optimum concentration mode since you are in familiar surroundings. This will help you get the most out of the course. 

Cheaper Programs

Online courses are more affordable than in-person certifications. This is because in-person classes are time-consuming for the instructor. However, online courses do not need to pay an instructor’s salary. Additionally, some of them don’t require taxes or extra fees. This leaves you with a cheaper bill than if you were taking classes in-person. 

More Opportunities

In Texas, maintaining your certification is vital for a career in the alcohol industry. Knowing the signs of intoxication and understanding the bring your own beverage rules can mean a promotion. Fortunately, online classes let you learn, find opportunities, and move up in the industry. 

Getting a TABC certification is easier than ever. Today’s online courses arm students with the tools they need to succeed in the alcohol industry. Plus, they offer many other benefits that people find attractive.