What You Need To Know Before Opening Up a Bar

Opening up your own bar can be an exciting time for you as a business owner. Before doing anything, make sure you have taken care of the basics. That way when grand opening day arrives, you know just what you need to be successful. 

Knowing What Type of Location You Have

Where is your bar located? Are you downtown, near restaurants and other places people might come visit in the evening or are you on the outskirts of town? This will also play a factor in the types of customers you appeal to. A bar downtown in a metropolitan area might appeal to business people, while something in the country and in the middle of nowhere would be of interest to bikers or other types of travelers. 

Making Sure the Correct Paperwork Is Filed

Before you open up for business, you want to be sure you have all the crucial paperwork filed. If it isn’t, this could spell legal problems for your establishment and even cause you to shut down if necessary. You would need a Texas alcohol permit in order to sell. It’s also important that your staff has the right training so they can recognize if a customer is intoxicated and then know how to handle the situation. 

Ensuring You Have Enough Staff Present

When you finally decide to have your bar open, you may do so on a Friday or Saturday night. Those are often busy times for nightlife establishments anyway, so you’ll want to be sure you have enough staff present to handle the number of customers coming in. Consider doubling up on staff and make sure that whenever you decide to do your grand opening, it should be an “all hands on deck” type of situation. 

Having Security Available 

Security can keep a busy bar in order, help patrons feel safe, and stop fights before they escalate. Make sure you know what qualities to look for when you are hiring staff. You don’t want problems to become worse, but you do want to establish a sense of order if things get out of hand.

Opening your own bar is exciting, but make sure to pay attention to the smaller details. Keep in mind the location of your bar, and ensure you have permits to sell alcohol. Have enough staff present on the night you do your grand opening, including security personnel. This can prevent bigger problems from arising. 



How To Shop for the Best Quality Items

If you mindlessly throw things off your shopping list into your cart, you likely aren’t doing yourself any favors. In fact, you could find that you’re buying food that isn’t as fresh as it could be.

Stores use the FIFO policy – first in, first out. This policy means that the items that have been in the store for the longest are the most readily available on the shelf. While this might not be an issue with some things that move quickly or have a long shelf life, it could be an issue for other things. Being mindful of what you pick up can help ensure that you won’t get home and find that the product isn’t the quality you thought it was. Here are some things to be mindful of when you’re shopping for good-quality products.

Bread Products

Despite what you might think, bread products don’t sell as quickly as you might think. Yes, people love bread, but there are also a lot of choices, and your preferred brand might not sell as quickly as others. Sometimes bread comes in bags that you can’t see through, so you can’t inspect it for mold. To prevent getting home and finding old, stale, moldy bread, always look at the best by date. That date is a good gauge of how long the bread has been sitting on the shelves. Look at multiple loaves of bread and choose the one with the best by date that is the farthest away. This will ensure that your bread will be as fresh as possible. 


Whether you are buying pain or cold medication or supplements, you want to know that no one else has opened those containers. If you get all the way home to find that the safety seal has been removed, you’re going to be pretty upset to have to drive back to the store to replace it. All medicines have tamper proof caps of some kind. When choosing what to buy, inspect the cap to ensure it hasn’t already been opened. If it has, take it to an employee for them to deal with. 

If the product has a cap that easily comes off, ensure that the tamper proof seal hasn’t been broken. Some products might have a tab on the cap that you must break off to open the cap. Regardless of the safety method, make sure that it hasn’t been destroyed before adding the product to your cart. 

Must Have Horse Jumping Training Items

Training a horse for jumping competitions, or to be able to hop over logs or other obstacles you might face while going on a leisurely trot in the woods can be time-consuming and tricky. Most avid horse riders do not begin training their horses to jump until they are about four or five years old. This age is perfect because the horse’s body will be matured and it will be less likely to injure itself than a younger horse. Using the following items can also help when it comes to training a horse to jump.

Horse Jump

Having a horse jump is a necessity, no matter whether you are training a horse for a competition or not. Many competitions will use a striped color horse jump, fence, or decorative obstacle. Using similar items in your training will improve the odds that your horse will do well in the competition. Whenever possible, use a horse jump that you can change the height of. This way, you can start low and move the bar higher as your horse becomes more skilled and comfortable working with the jumps.

Trot Pole

Sometimes horses, especially young horses, are nervous about beginning to jump. If this is the case, then it is best to start off using something that requires a similar amount of rider control. Trot poles are perfect for this because they both look similar enough to basic jumps and can be used in different ways. 

The first way to use trot poles is to lay them flat on the ground. As the name implies, horses can gently trot over the poles. When they are on the ground, they are low enough that the horses do not need to jump at all to get over them. Riders can also purchase either hard or soft trot poles to reinforce teaching the horse not to step on them. 

Once the horse is comfortable trotting over the poles, it can be raised slightly off the ground. With the most slight raises for trot poles, a horse will still not have to jump to get over them. However, it does help to get the horse comfortable with needing to step a bit higher. Doing this provides a great middle zone between trotting and jumping.

Using both horse jumps and trot poles is essential to teaching a horse to jump over a higher object. With enough training, your horse could very well go on to win a competition or two!

What You Need To Know About Equine Insurance

Dealing with a sick or injured horse can be devastating. However, not every horse owner knows they can acquire insurance in the event of an unfortunate accident, injury, or illness. Learning about different policy conditions is critical because the guidelines vary for each insurance company.


Coverage is necessary if your horse experiences a debilitating issue that prevents him from functioning normally. Not only does equine insurance protect your horse, but it also provides you security from risk. Three types of policies are available according to your situation:

Loss of Use and Infertility

When a horse loses the ability to work or participate in daily activities, you can receive compensation if he’s permanently unable to perform. One crucial factor about the loss of use policy is that it can be challenging to obtain.

If you have X-Rays on hand and you’ve had tests administered, you still face the obstacle of proving that your horse has a disability through documentation. It isn’t impossible to accomplish, but the process could be complicated and requires patience. On the other hand, if a veterinarian declares your horse has lost his ability to jump, it’s a confirmation of disability. Having the declaration in writing can make a difference regarding entitlement to coverage.

Depending on your horse’s ability to breed, coverage is available to insure him. If he cannot reproduce due to an accident or a disease, you can receive full payment based on value.


The sudden death of a horse can have various causes or none at all. Although it’s a reality, it can be traumatizing and confusing. Full mortality insurance is suitable should your horse die due to an accident or if he becomes a victim of theft. It ensures that you receive complete protection even after you’ve attempted everything to save your horse.


Considering Health Insurance for Horses is standard, a medical policy is a typical choice because horses are prone to hurting themselves or individuals around them. Severe injuries and surgical procedures are valid in a plan and require special treatment.


Regarding reimbursement, you have the advantage of receiving compensation based on the insured value of your horse in the event of his death. Also, if euthanasia is the only option if your living horse is sick and has little to no chance of recovering, your policy covers the procedure.

As you can see, insurance for your horse protects you against liability and property damage. It also prepares you should your horse’s health deteriorate and results in an untimely death.

4 Part-Time Jobs that Pay Well

Sometimes your regular job is not enough to make ends meet. You may love it, but you could desire more money in the checking account to afford a few luxuries. If you want some additional cash with a job that works around your other schedule, try one of the following part-time careers.

Real Estate Agent

If you have a license, you can sell homes. You are not required, though, to sell them all of the time. You could work every once in a while, particularly with friends and colleagues. Work your house hunting into the weekends or down days, and then put the commission in the bank.


People require official signatures to confirm information or to authorize certain transactions or legal documents. Notaries take classes and locate where to get a notary stamp. When that is accomplished, these authorities may witness signatures at their leisure.

People may meet you at home or in designated locations, paying top dollar for the convenience of finishing off a quick form. 

Freelance Writer

Companies often seek people who like to write to fill in the content or websites and marketing material. Online sites allow you to post your interest as well as a portfolio to gather clients. Write these pieces in the evening or on weekends. Charge by the word or offer a price for a package deal for completing several projects at once.


Diet isn’t easy to maintain, and many Americans struggle to stay healthy and eat well. Doctors may ask patients to change eating patterns, especially when a medical concern arises. When sugar or blood pressure levels are off, diet changes could be the first line of defense in protecting the body from long-term harm.

A dietician offers advice on what to consume and how often in order. They are aware of foods that are best for medical conditions and could assess your lifestyle and any poor habits you have developed. Consultations fit easily into lunch or off-hours and could be done via the phone or the internet.

Exercise Instructor

If you like to stay fit and move, earn certification by taking courses in your favorite exercise classes. You were going to work out anyway. Get paid for the time!

Extra cash could be possible if you have some time. Consider selecting things that are flexible but offer high pay. These careers work well into a schedule and could suit your talents.

Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

Purchasing a car for the first time leaves you torn into very many decisions as well as options. The thought of whether you have enough resources when buying a car should not stop you from owning one. A new car would be the most incredible feeling as well as look appealing to your friends. Are you looking forward to purchasing a vehicle and still not decided whether you want a new or used one? Check out below for more guidance on how to go about it.


New cars are known to have the latest and most chosen features in the market. This is what distinguishes your car from others or previously owned. This is because car manufacturing companies updated their features after every release of every model. For example, Kia Sorento Santa ana offers the best features to accommodate safety, comfort, and the general functioning of the car. It would be best to get a new car if you need a modification to your previous type of vehicle.


A used car can go at quite a fair price compared to a new one. It would be more applicable to acquire a used car instead of going for other forms of financing, such as applying for loans to have an unlimited amount for a new car. It is considered essential to check all the documents concerning the used car; this may involve previous car ownership documents or servicing documents.

Care and maintenance

It is essential to understand that both a used car and a new car require regular servicing. Accredited servicing agents would be the best to rely on, and this is because they have the best knowledge of the type of car and the services required to keep it in place.

The decision on whether one would prefer a new or used car is made by the buyer after assessing different factors. One needs to understand how much they can afford and check out different sources to ensure that they acquire the best vehicle.

Careers in Wildlife and Fisheries

If you love being outdoors and wish you could make it a career, then you might have the right stuff to work for the wildlife and fisheries department in your state. This department encompasses a wide variety of areas such as lake management, habitat conservations, wildlife biology, and even forest restoration. There are careers for people with all levels of education and many departments will partner with other community organizations so you could have the opportunity to meet and educate community members too.

Career Options

One option for people interested in working outdoors is to join the fisheries side of wildlife and fisheries. You can do this with a biology degree, or join as a hatchery manager or technician. These professionals work on fish farms to ensure all the fish are healthy. Most biologists might also check the water quality and make sure make sure the fish are reproducing properly and at acceptable rates. 

Other options for working with fish could include working with a private firm that might monitor the fishing industry in coastal cities, or even working at an aquarium. There’s a large area of specializations one could take when working with aquatics, so the field is your oyster!

Another option is to stay on land as a wildlife biologist. These professionals often specialize in a type of animal or ecosystem and might even concentrate their research to a single forest. You could track the migration of certain bird species in a state park or focus your efforts to conserving a niche ecosystem for endangered animals. 

Some people in this field want to dedicate themselves to protecting animals, so they might become fish or game wardens. In this career, you’re responsible for monitoring hunters and ensuring they adhere to the state laws regarding how much fish or game they can bring home. These professionals often also protect against poaching or illegal hunting out of season.

You could even become a park ranger to scratch your wildlife and fisheries itch. Park rangers have the benefit of enjoying nature each day and completing a range of duties, so you never live the same day twice. You might be clearing a hiking path one day, greeting guests the next day, and checking on campsites another day. This position is great for people who love the outdoors but might not know exactly their area of interest.

Wildlife and fisheries is a good option for people who love to work outdoors or with animals.

Concealed Handgun Holsters

When looking to use a gun holster, there can be many factors to think about. What a handgun needs will vary because of its make and model. The larger the gun, the harder it is to conceal for carrying. Some places offer the option for you to open carry depending on the state and federal regulations. Having a safe and reliable way to holster your gun is important. Here are three ways to conceal carry one.


Having a hip holster is an easy way to carry your handgun. It offers complete ease for getting it quickly. It can be used for competition shooting because of its fast accessibility. If you decide to wear a jacket or coat, it can go over your hip offering a simple way to conceal carry. A hip holster can be slim or bulky depending on where it’s at on your body.


Another option for carrying is by using a thigh holster. This is a popular way for women to carry their handguns. It needs to be slim so it can offer comfort and stability while walking or doing everyday activities. The accessibility for retrieving the gun can be harder in this location, so wearing the proper clothes is important.


Carrying a handgun on your ankle can be tricky, but it can offer another option that is best for allowing you to do your daily activities. If you are carrying on your ankle, you will need a concealed ankle holster that will fit you properly and won’t be showing through your pants. Having a flexible material will help it wrap around your leg and keep you comfortable while walking with it.

A handgun is a valuable, yet dangerous weapon. Choosing the proper material, style, and size holster are important for the safety of you and others around you.

A Brief and Simple Truth About Propylene Glycol

Anyone can post anything on the internet. You could be reading propaganda in the very next post or webpage you see. In the information age, fact-checking has risen rapidly in necessity and ease. Perhaps you’ve come across alarmist information claiming propylene glycol is a horrible toxic chemical that is being secretly shoved into your body? That’s quite far from true. While you should of course fact check this post as well, here is a brief guide to what propylene glycol actually is. Propylene glycol is a type of alcohol, but not the kind you drink. What it excels at is acting as a solvent. A solvent dissolves other things and is the liquid in which the other, usually more important ingredients are floating after being dissolved.

You May Have Worn It on Your Face

Whether deodorant, makeup, or a skincare regimen, you’ve probably rubbed propylene glycol on yourself before. While there are plenty of propylene glycol free skin care kits on the market, which is wonderful, the chemical is tested by the FDA and “generally recognized as safe”. Yes, that is one of their classifications.

You Eat It Regularly

Unless you were born rich and have remained so, you’ve almost certainly ingested propylene glycol. You may be eating it right now. That’s fine. It’s used in foods and medicines mainly as a solvent and for a variety of other purposes.

You Can Be Allergic to It

As with nearly anything, you could be allergic or sensitive to propylene glycol, in which case avoiding it is wise. However, the chemical is not considered toxic except in much higher amounts than you come across on the day-to-day.If makeup is irritating your skin, it could be the propylene glycol. It could be some other ingredient. Your best course of action is to do your homework, don’t trust the first or even third article you read, and be informed. Scientific journals or reviews with cited and credible–big caveat there–sources are best. Don’t forget to get an allergy test from your doctor if need be.

Alternative Prepping & Survival – Angry American, Author of Prepper Fiction Survivalist Series (Book 3)

Chris Weatherman, Author

Books available at Amazon.com, WalMart, and most bookstores. Signed copies available from www.AngeryAmerican.net

All books are available in in print, Kindle reader, and audio books!

Doctor Prepper interviews Chris Weatherman, aka Angery American on Preparedness Radio.

Can you imagine what a war on our American soil––whether internally- or externally-driven––could do to our personal lives and force us to revert to living without the modern conveniences to which we have become accustomed?

The author of this extensive series of apocalyptic fiction, Chris Weatherman, aka the Angery American, is an accomplished and imaginative author, currently with 6 books in this series. Chris has authored the tremendously popular best-selling Survivalist Series consisting of six titles to date, with a 7th in progress. Beginning with Going Home and following with Surviving Home, Escaping Home, Forsaking Home, Resurrecting Home, and Enforcing Home.

  1. American is a life-long student of survival skills, from urban and suburban settings to far wilder locations. He has honed these skills for decades and has spent a considerable amount of time wandering the woods and waters of the Southeast U.S.

At home in the swamps of the South and the mountains of Appalachia, he also spent a year in North Carolina, honing his skills foraging, hunting, and fishing using primitive methods. After practicing the art of bushcraft for more than 20 years, A. American views himself as a mix between a modern-day prepper and traditional survivalist.

As an avid outdoorsman, traditional bow hunter, and archer, he also has a vast knowledge of wild edibles and natural medicine that could help anyone survive in the wild.

Book Summary

Morgan Carter was introduced as the unlikely hero in the first volume, and he continues to navigate the perils in a post-apocalyptic America. This action-packed series gives a glimpse of what life could be in this country in the event of an EMP style attack.

In the 3rd volume, Escaping Home, Chris continues the imagery of what might occur and what might result from the inequities caused by a major incident of an EMP in our nation.

Morgan Carter has weathered the weeks after the collapse of the nation’s power grid, reuniting with his family and ensuring their safety, but his struggle isn’t over yet. Carter must keep his focus on survival in an increasingly unstable society—but the challenges he faces are beyond his wildest imagination.

Though he is a resourceful, tough-as-nails survivalist who has survived a 250-mile journey across Florida following the collapse of the nation’s power grid, his home town and his own family of a wife and loving daughters are beginning to suffer the effects of the sudden imposition of lack of means to deal with the current crises arising from the loss of electricity.

Everyone seems susceptible to the rigors of lack of supplies, leadership, and hope. Even as bad as things have become, Morgan knows it can only get worse. Though Morgan has been diligently preparing for emergency situations, many of  his neighbors are completely unready for the changes wrought by the EMP and the strange new world it has created.

With the  help of his closest neighbors and community companions, Morgan fights to keep his own home secure while  helping his friends organize their lives. As Morgan is trying to build a community and help them create safety and security for themselves, he discovers shocking information about the state of the nation and how the future is even bleaker than ever imagined!

After the collapse of the nation’s power grid, America is now under martial law––and safety and security are just illusions of the past sanctity of home and property. As the increasing violence erupts around him, Morgan faces one of his toughest decisions yet: whether to stay and defend his home, or move to a more isolated area, and get away from the prying eyes of the new government. He and his family are hesitant to leave their home in the sparsely populated county, but with the increasingly suspicious activities happening in a nearby refugee camp, the signs point towards moving to a safer place. However, Morgan and his friends are not going to leave without a fight––and they’ll do anything to protect their freedoms.

Escaping Home describes the struggle to live in  a world with no rules––and how, sometimes, the strength of the family is the only thing that can pull you through when everything has changed!

There is a term for that eventuality: T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I.––the end of the earth as we know it!

Perhaps this series will alert the reader to consider becoming prepared—or even getting better prepared––for the uncertain future.

The Survivalist Series tells how the survivors have endured the collapse––but the real test is to determine if they can survive the aftermath…