How To Assist a Loved One After an Arrest

Sometimes people make mistakes, and those judgments could become major errors. Did someone give in to peer pressure and try drugs? Did something text while driving and cause an accident? Maybe someone drank too much at dinner out and then drove home? Personal decisions may seem fun at the start but, in the end, they have serious consequences such as arrest and possible jail time. Here are four ways you might assist your loved one.

1. Arrange Bail

A judge could offer bail, but this money may be difficult to raise while sitting in a jail cell. Instead, assistance is needed. Ask about the circumstances of the arrest. Write down vital information such as the case number, arresting officials and bail amount.

Research how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA, and locate a bondsman in the area. Speak with the agent to discuss how to raise funds and how the process works.  Locate the capital needed to secure the loan, and complete the paperwork. These actions initiate the release.

2. Find a Lawyer

A public defender is likely to be assigned as everyone is required to have a council. Your family member may want someone else who specializes in this type of case. Aid the search by asking around for recommendations or looking up people online. Call and ask for an initial meeting, discussing records and price. Arraignment and bail are just the beginning, so you want a professional who can walk you all through the process and handle any bumps that may arise.

3. Listen and Support

Jail probably wasn’t on this person’s mind. It was a product of a response. A poor decision led to a serious sequence, and your family or friend may need to talk through the hardship. Remain calm, and be there to listen to how this person feels. This time could be an emotional rollercoaster right now. Having someone to talk to is essential to getting the feelings out and avoiding bottled-up frustration.

Offer words of encouragement. If you feel your friend needs medical help, such as a psychologist, offer a number or suggest counseling.

If someone you care about is arrested, you have ways to help. This time is probably quite stressful for all of you. Remember to concentrate on getting the person out of jail. Then, find professional legal assistance as this professional offers hope for the future. Finally, be there as emotional support.

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