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How To Avoid a Dud When Purchasing a Home

Looking for a new place to live is too important to just do on the fly. It’s essential to remember that your new home has to be safe and comfortable, and while this means different things for different people, nobody wants to take possession of their new home and then find serious damage that could make the experience of moving even more stressful.

Here are things you should take into consideration to help you have more peace of mind when purchasing a home. 


It is highly recommended you hire a professional (such as an engineer) to do an evaluation of the foundation, as it is the best way to be sure your future home has a strong footing. 

You can begin with a self-inspection by doing a walkthrough and observing the walls of the home. Unlevel walls or the presence of cracks or fissures could indicate a shifting or unstable foundation. Look carefully, and if you have any doubts, hire a professional right away.  

Sewer Line

Something most people don’t even think about checking is the waste system. This is essential. You don’t want bad smells or backup in your house. One option is to do a sewer smoke test. You will have to hire a specialized team to do this job, but it can help reveal andy breaks, leaks, or weaknesses in sewer pipes. 

If the house has a basement or sits lower than the street, you can also get a professional to ensure that the sewer pump works correctly and efficiently. 

Electrical Wiring

A licensed master electrician should check all the switches and the property’s electrical installation. Ensuring that the installation and all electrical system elements are in good condition is vital to keeping you comfortable and avoiding fire hazards. 


The roof is one of the most critical parts of a home inspection. A roof inspection is not a hard job to do. The waterproofing should be intact, any damage to shingles or the roof itself should be repaired immediately to avoid water filtrations and, in turn, more expensive repairs.

The house inspection has to be carefully done area by area, externally and internally. It may take a good chunk of your time, but it will be worth it. Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience but preventing some of these possible issues is a perfect way to feel a little more in control of the whole process.

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