How To Get Fast Cash in an Emergency

It seems like bad things always happen at the worst possible time and usually when you don’t have any money. If you’re experiencing something that can’t wait such as a car breakdown, furnace malfunction or dental trouble, you need cash now. Not everyone has a rich uncle to bail them out, so here’s how to get cash fast in an emergency.

Apply for a Quick Loan

There are several types of quick loans that you can apply for that will get you the cash you need. First, there’s what is known as a payday loan. These types of loans are a convenient advance to your next paycheck. You get cash in hand for your emergency and agree to pay back the loan on your next payday. Loan company Mississippi also offers title loans for larger amounts of money.

Sell Something Valuable

If you need funds fast, look around your house and see if there’s something of value you can sell. Valuable doesn’t have to mean sentimental and could be as easy as selling an item of clothing online like a leather jacket that no longer fits. Perhaps you have a collection that you’re not interested in anymore. You’d be surprised how many people are looking for a used bike, electronic item or unused gift cards. 

Take a Cash Advance

Financially savvy people will tell you to never take a cash advance from your credit cards because of the high interest and fees. However, if you’re desperate for money in a true emergency, it’s a quick solution. A cash advance from a credit card should only be used if you can pay the money back right away. If your credit card is accepted instead, always use that before withdrawing cash.

Ask To Skip a Payment

Another option for fast cash is foregoing a bill payment. If you have a good credit history, try contacting your credit card company or other lenders to see if you can reduce or skip a monthly payment altogether. You may be surprised to find that many companies are happy to work with you as long as you explain your situation. This will free up the money you need without impacting your bills.

When an emergency happens and you need money right away, don’t panic. Applying for a payday loan, speaking to your creditors or selling something you no longer use are all ways to get the money you need now.

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