Restroom Trailers vs. Porta Potty

When you are planning a large outdoor event, there are so many things to think about. Did you get the decorations right? Is there enough room for everyone? What about the food and drink options?

One question that doesn’t often get asked (but probably should) is: What kind of toilet options should be offered?

For decades porta-potties of every brand, color, size, and configuration have been the go-to option for providing your guests with a place to do their business. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. There is another option available and it is far and away a better one. Here are a few reasons the restroom trailer should be your new go-to choice.

The Flush

One of the reasons those standalone toilets smell so bad is that they don’t flush. As chemical toilets, they rely on huge vats of checmials to keep things (relatively) sanitary. When you opt for restroom trailers for events, you don’t have to ask your guests to put up with the sights and smells of those chemical options. Instead, these toilets flush.

These trailers have isolated holding tanks that all waste is flushed into to be collected later. That means no more waste sitting around to be seen and smelled by everyone at your event.

The Look

By design, porta-potty facilities are stark, plastic, and moldable for function over form. Your event is likely classier than that, so why not bring in a classier restroom experience, as well? Trailer restrooms offer a variety of aesthetic options depending on your budget. Even the least expensive option, though, look like a bathroom instead of a molded plastic phone booth.

The difference in aesthetic experience here cannot be overstated. It’s so striking that your guests will likely be talking about how nice your restrooms were all event long.

The Power

Not only do these trailers come with beautiful surfaces and flushing toilets, but they also come with power. Real electric lights enhance the entire experience, especially during your nighttime engagements.

The final piece to this puzzle is the running water that trailers offer. Not only do the toilets flush, but there are working sinks that draw from separate dedicated water reservoirs that complete the restroom experience.

The choice is clear. Porta-potties may have served their purpose, but there is a better option now available. Choose restroom trailers not only because you can, but because your guests deserve them. 

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