The Importance of Background Screening Services for Small Businesses

Globalization has had a significant impact on today’s workforce. More businesses are expanding internationally, forming cross-border alliances, and seeking new international talent. And with privacy and cyber security being so important, consider educating yourself on cyberlaw: everything you need to know. The near-borderless trade environment has opened up an almost limitless pool of talent. As this talent pool expands, background checks like¬†ssn trace¬†become more critical than ever, as thorough pre-employment checks verify candidate information and suitability for the position. Here are three key reasons background screening services are vital for business growth.


Background screening services vary in cost depending on the services provided. Basic reports cost $15 to $30, while advanced plans can cost as much as $70 per report. Basic reports usually include primary identity verification, sex offender registry, and criminal record searches, while standard reports include more comprehensive checks, including county criminal court and national criminal databases. Premium reports typically cost $60 to $80 and may consist of employment and education verifications and the searches mentioned above.

Costs for background checks can range from as little as $10 to $500, depending on the components of the report. Basic criminal checks tend to cost less than those containing extensive information, while more expensive background checks typically include other information. Make sure you compare the total cost of each report to determine which service is right for you. Some companies may charge a set-up fee, but you can often avoid it by doing your research beforehand. Ultimately, your choice will depend on what you need.


Comprehensive background screening services can help improve the quality of your hires. Today, the battle for talent acquisition is more competitive than ever, and employers must ensure that their employees have the right qualifications before hiring them. Therefore, it’s vital to have the right information about job applicants, especially in industries like the financial industry. In addition, background screening services can help protect your company from liability and ensure that your employees remain qualified. Listed below are a few of the benefits of background screening services.

Background screening services help businesses hire employees more likely to stay longer. It is much easier to build a great team with competent people when they perform their duties with high levels of commitment and competence. Furthermore, these services reduce the risk of hiring a problematic employee – a bad hire can cost as much as five times the person’s monthly salary. Background checks can save you a lot of money. Instead of paying for a rehire, background screening can reduce the costs of hiring new employees and retaining them.

Cost for Small Businesses

The cost of background screening services for small businesses can vary greatly depending on the services offered. The most basic package typically costs between $20 and $100, while more comprehensive reports can cost hundreds. In addition, some services offer multiple search options, such as criminal records, sex offender registries, and education verification. You can also find packages that include a background check of every employee. To get an idea of how much these services cost, read on.

Many companies advertise for small businesses, but some are geared more towards the enterprise market. For example, Accurate Background Checks is advertised as a background screening service for microbusinesses with fewer than nine employees. Their a la carte pricing model lets small businesses choose which searches they need and how often. For instance, a criminal check can cost $35, while a license verification is just $8.95. This pricing structure makes it a good fit for smaller teams, and they are also FCRA compliant. In addition, the company offers a variety of plans, depending on the number of employees or the business size.

Need for Pre-employment Background Checks

Employers must perform pre-employment background checks on prospective employees as part of their hiring process. This background check involves verifying criminal activity and educational and employment history. In some cases, employers may also conduct a drug test. Depending on the position, employers may also run financial and driving background checks on their candidates. They will also contact past employers to verify the dates they held specific jobs. The information obtained will help employers make an informed decision about who to hire.

The financial services industry is one sector that has been heavily regulated since the GFC. As a result, every key position must undergo a comprehensive background and compliance audit. As talent and companies become global and more digital, these regulations are starting to trickle down into other sectors. As a result, organizations need to develop background check matrixes for their different roles. The benefits of pre-employment background checks are far-reaching and well worth the effort.

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