The Various Types of Dog Bite Law

dog bite is a very common case that so many people have encountered. It may be shocking news, but at times, even adequately trained dogs or very social ones may run out of control and become aggressive. Some incidents may result in legal consequences for a dog owner, especially if your dog causes a serious attack. It is important to understand that several things can happen to your dog when it bites an innocent individual.

The dog bite law can impose very serious penalties, such as being permanently banned from owning a dog, incurring a heavy fine, or if it was a very serious offense, you might find yourself subjected to a sentence. The dog bite law comprises three major types that are commonly known: the one-bite law, the dog bite law, and the negligence law. The different laws vary, and in this case, the laws will take a different course of action against a dog owner when their dog attacks someone.

For instance, certain laws would require the police to take legal action against the dog’s owner. However, such a law may not provide grounds for compensation for the person who sustained injuries, although the dog owner may be charged with negligence, meaning that they were aware that the dog was capable of biting. The following are the different types of dog bite laws in detail.

  • The negligent law would render the dog owner guilty if they were irresponsible in preventing the dog from biting. The details of this law may vary depending on where you live. Some states enact a strict measure for every individual who owns a dog requiring them to take full responsibility for their animal. For instance, they may require the owners to leash the dogs whenever they are taking a walk with them, and a person must accompany the dog over the age of sixteen. Other countries make it compulsory for individuals to acquire insurance, especially if they own dangerous dogs like pit bulls. In addition, they may require them to register these kinds of dogs and offer sterilization. It is also not a surprise when you come across a country without dog laws. In such places, a court of law will be the one to determine whether a dog owner was negligent or not.
  • The other dog bite law is the one bite law or commonly referred to as the one-bite rule. The law has been in action for quite some time now. When it comes to ruling regarding this law, it would be rare for a court of law to take action when it is the first time a dog has bitten someone. In most cases, the law will allow the dog one bite, and as a result, little action may be taken. However, the increase in dog bites has forced some judiciary systems to do away with the one-bite law.
  • The last law is the dog bite law which is considered the strictest among all the laws. The law requires the dog owner to face legal consequences even in cases whereby the dog is provoked. They automatically become liable when their dog attacks someone. However, some jurisdictions may be less strict in cases whereby the person who incurred injuries was trespassing the property or might have attacked the dog in one way or another.

Due to the rising numbers of dog bite cases, the law has enacted strict laws for dog owners. If you have a dog, it is your responsibility to train it to be social to prevent it from hurting other people. Also, if you have some of the most dangerous breeds, be sure to obtain insurance in case the worst happens.

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