3 Ways To Make a Patient’s Hospital Stay More Pleasant

Spending time with friends and family is special, but it takes on new meaning when a loved one is in the hospital. With the increase in home health services and technology, the demand for travel nurses is growing, but when someone is in the hospital with a more serious or acute injury, its important to visit them. It’s difficult seeing someone you care for struggling with illness or injury, and it’s human nature to want to make his or her stay as pleasant as possible. If you’ve not made a hospital visit recently, chances are you will before long. According to the American Hospital Association, there were more than 36 million admissions in 2017 alone. Here are a few tips to lift a loved one’s spirits during a hospital stay.


Nothing dresses up a hospital room quite like flowers. A fresh-cut floral arrangement adds a splash of color and may even have a positive impact on wellbeing. Avoid bouquets with heavy fragrance as it may trigger an allergic reaction. Bright and cheery colors are strong choices, especially yellow, which can evoke feelings of energy and warmth. Daffodils, daisies and sunflowers are favorites, while irises and carnations are other popular options.


Everyone loves a gift, but they can be especially helpful for patients who are stuck in the hospital. Balloons are great for a pick-me-up, and stuffed animals provide something soft to cuddle. Collectibles and decorative offerings like jim shore figurines add visual interest to the room. Books, magazines, DVDs and music are a great way to help a patient pass his or her time. Bathrobes and blankets are options that give comfort and warmth.


Oftentimes, the best gift is simply being there. Knowing that you care and would take time out of your day to visit means more than any material item ever could. A warm smile and words of encouragement can inspire and invigorate patients worrying over health problems.

Flowers, balloons and cards are great ways to let someone know you care. The next time your friend or family member is in the hospital, remember him or her with a gift and, even better, a visit.

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