Ways To Properly Maintain Your Gun

If you own a gun, then you know that keeping it in good condition is vital. Without regular, proper cleaning and frequent test firings, your gun could become a liability. It could either not shoot when you need it to, doesn’t shoot accurately, or goes off when it shouldn’t. While cleaning your guns will take a little bit of time, it’s going to make all the difference in your safety and the gun’s performance. 

Read the Manual

How many times have you purchased something and simply thrown the manual away? While you might intuitively know how to run your blender, the same likely can’t be said for your firearm. The manual will explain how to keep your gun in pristine working condition and disassemble it correctly. If you don’t take the gun apart according to its design, you could break something, rendering the gun useless. If you weren’t given a manual when you purchased your gun, stores with firearm supplies Canada should be able to provide you with one. 

Unload the Gun

Unloading your gun is the absolute most crucial step. The quickest way to get seriously hurt or killed when cleaning your gun is to leave it loaded. Before you do anything with the gun, take out the magazine and clear the chamber to ensure there isn’t a bullet in it. 

Use the Right Tools

If you want to keep your gun in tiptop shape for a long time, don’t try to make your own cleaning solution. You might think that a spray or cooking oil will do the trick, allowing you to save some money in the process, but you’ll be causing more problems for yourself. Guns work under a great deal of heat and friction and have parts with high-speed movement, which is why there are special products for cleaning and lubricating. Using the wrong products could cause gunk to build up or allow parts to rub together incorrectly, which can cause your gun to become a heap of trash. 

Check the Gun Often

You might think that if you aren’t firing your gun, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it. You’d be wrong. Even guns that sit in a holster for most of their life should still be regularly maintained. The environment you live in could greatly affect your gun. If you live in an area with high humidity, you could find that your gun has pitting on it or that it has mold issues. Avoid issues by checking the gun regularly. 

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